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Hunter Legend : Chaos dungeons

Hunter Legend : Chaos dungeons

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Screenshot of Hunter Legend : Chaos dungeons
Screenshot of Hunter Legend : Chaos dungeons
Screenshot of Hunter Legend : Chaos dungeons
Screenshot of Hunter Legend : Chaos dungeons


An endless loop of closed space, a group of dead demons and monsters,How far can one person, one sword ...

Legend has it that the land of shadows is a cursed land forgotten by the gods, and jealousy, arrogance, greed and other evils wander in the air, and will eventually gather here. Over time, powerful demons emerged here. In the end, the demons broke through this restricted area and spread to the world, and the world became purgatory. The gods united humanity and finally defeated the demons and sealed them in the shadows. But human sin will not die, and demons will never die. As time went on, sin was accumulating, the power of the seal gradually weakened, and the shadow of the shadow land was about to move again ...

"Hunter Legend" is a dark style role-playing game. As a salvation hero, the player travels alone to the Shadow Land and embarks on the journey to destroy the demons.

[Feature introduction]
-Place earnings, never stop
Your hero will do everything! Every time you go online, you can receive the on-hook income, easy placement, and happy life!

-Personal skin, highlighting yourself
Dozens of sets of exquisite skins, fashion, headgear, mounts, wings, holy sword have different shapes, I am who I am, a firework of larruping color!

-Pet growth, attribute sharing
Pets only need to consider skill matching, other pets' developmental attributes are permanently added to the hero, and there is no waste.

-Challenging gameplay, multifarious
Different BOSS need different skills to cope! Copy, adventure, challenge, competitive, are you ready?

-Dark style, dungeon world
Unique Dark style, a charming dungeon world.


Version 1.1.102 2022-11-18
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Current Version 1.1.102
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Last Updated on 2022-11-18
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System Requirements Android 4.3 +
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