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Mission Under Fire

Mission Under Fire

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Screenshot of Mission Under Fire
Screenshot of Mission Under Fire
Screenshot of Mission Under Fire
Screenshot of Mission Under Fire
Screenshot of Mission Under Fire


Mission Under Fire is a two-dimensional card fusion simulation strategy game. In a parallel world, due to the opening of time and space, the summoned travellers from another world came to the continent of Eurosia to assume the role of commander and recruit girls Commander, expand the strength of the army, resist the evil "disaster weapon" and save this devastated and broken world.

-The new theme of Military X Girl
Hundreds of young girl commanders, dozens of historical and classic chariots in parallel worlds, from Tiger, KV2 to Maus, upgrade technology, strategize, and use power to fight evil. The romantic steel rose is about to bloom for you~

-High degree of freedom development, card training + strategy battle
The commander’s general skills are combined with optional skills to form a unique card development route. Free formation, unlimited strategic space, no best, but stronger. The expansive large-map strategy battle gameplay requires both the player's own hard power and the test of the "combined vertical and horizontal" diplomatic strategy. Can you survive this troubled world?

-A magnificent world view, pursuing the truth of the end times
Suddenly appearing time and space relics, advanced technology in different worlds, murderous and cruel disaster weapon army, the weird incident of the fall from the "Protoss" to the "Meteor", whether it is an ancient conspiracy or an alien trick, as the story progresses, everything The truth of will be revealed by you

-Assemble partners to defeat powerful enemies together
Summon like-minded partners to join the Legion, and jointly defeat the powerful elite "disaster weapon" army on the world map, unite and cooperate, fight side by side, and rationally divide labor, and strengthen the friendship with partners in the battle!



Pre-registration Rewards

100,000 pre-register 24小时反侦察*1 初级投影券*5
24小时反侦察*1  初级投影券*5
200,000 pre-register 8小时战争守护*1 高级投影券*10
8小时战争守护*1  高级投影券*10
300,000 pre-register SS指挥官*1 预约限定皮肤(旗袍夏洛特)
SS指挥官*1  预约限定皮肤(旗袍夏洛特)


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