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Secret Of Elysium

Secret Of Elysium

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Screenshot of Secret Of Elysium
Screenshot of Secret Of Elysium
Screenshot of Secret Of Elysium
Screenshot of Secret Of Elysium
Screenshot of Secret Of Elysium


Secret Of Elysium is a Japanese-themed otherworldly MMORPG. Featuring an original, massive worldview, seven races, goblins and magical beasts, all partners in your adventure! The World Tree is decaying and the darkness is stirring. As an adventurer responding to the signs, will you choose to join the Goddess of White and jointly guard this beautiful land, or will you join the Goddess of Black and uncover the truth about the world?

- Pure Japanese animation rendering style
We continue to iterate on the screen materials and rendering, the goal is to make the visual experience closer to the console game, such as the original slightly empty grass, through the content of the filling to achieve the effect of detail to take advantage of; the original slightly stiff grass, by adding the effect of fluttering dynamic to make the environmental elements more towards the real feel, I believe that walking through this grass, you can empathize with the mood we want to express.

- The "Age of God" that can change the world
We hope that when players experience "White Story", they can actually feel their impact on the world. When conceiving the Black and White Goddess camp, we envisioned a way for players to inject divine power crystals to gain a new round of resources for their goddesses, and for the goddesses to give back to everyone in the camp, effectively improving their own strength.

- Customizable appearance for each part.
The game is a fun way to dress up as you like, so we've brought that idea to Secret Of Elysium, where sets are just a numerical concept and you can create any look you want as long as you're jumpy.

- Combined battle with cute pets master and servant together adventure
Since it is a fantasy world, the interaction with the important adventure partner - pets should be varied, in addition to the basic support in the battle, we hope that Secret Of Elysium's pets can also be combined with the player to fight, the power is only secondary, the appearance of cool should be the essence of the game!


Developer NARX Games
供应商 广州纳仕信息科技有限公司
统一社会信用代码 91440101MA5APQPP6T
In-app Purchases Yes
Simplified Chinese
Last Updated on 2021-06-25
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System Requirements No System Requirements