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Vivian and the knight

Vivian and the knight TW

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The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region


The knight saves the princess, does it sound old-fashioned? However, the story, never so simple, and their fate will have how to intertwine ......

【Worldview background】
The story takes place in a hollow continent - Thera; evil and magic dragon broke the long-standing peace, attacked the human capital, and forcibly abducted the princess (the reason is still a mystery); next, was the fate of several people selected to embark on the road to save the princess. Each warrior is not the real "knight", although they have the same goal, but all to their own reasons for the battle, this all will eventually meet how the end?

Main character introduction]
From the plot alone, this is not the traditional knight to save the princess, the story content is more like a real brutal reality. To find the princess of the knights, compared to the responsibility they have a lot of unspeakable secrets.
Only to find the meaning of their own faith, and thirst for revenge Kramer; respect the "God" will to rescue the princess.
The three of them, who rely on endless hunting and money to bury the meaning of existence, go through this trip to find a way to free themselves from the curse.
Fate has given these three men the heavy responsibility of "knights" and set out on the road.

Independent plot line
There are currently three main characters in the game, but they each have their own timeline, and they influence each other in their own timeline, and are independent of each other in different timelines. The deeper story of the game is still waiting for you to discover. Each character has its own special plot, I hope you can come to actively explore it.

Game Features
Exaggerated character movements, unique slicing silhouette art design.
A wide variety of enemies to defeat the rampaging demons.
The skills floating down or combo, rich combat operation, any combination of your most cool moves.
Characters can switch weapons, use different fighting styles, and have different attribute characteristics.
Different storylines for each character, with multiple hidden endings.


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