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The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region


Cyberpunk Moe girl mobile game, meet sweet love in the future city gorgeously! Place it as you like, and upgrade it at any time. Hundred soul souls obey the call! Japan's famous seiyuu gathered, famous painters ingeniously draw, enjoy the psychedelic feast of science and technology!

In 2048, artificial intelligence has entered a highly prosperous development stage, an era of extreme dependence on AI. Overnight, the out-of-the-box XMAS virus had a huge impact on this world. The virus confuses AI commands, starts the attack mode by itself, and points the weapon in his hand mercilessly to the old master.

Under the rampant disorder of AI, mankind finally realized that only face-to-face combat can end this chaos, so the forces of all parties began to gather to break through the encirclement.
In the tumultuous battles, a new team of students organized by the students of the Horcrux Academy gradually emerged; not only do they each have a beautiful posture, their excellent combat capabilities and excellent detection skills have also deterred all parties. .

Will, struggle, destiny...
The battle with the Horcrux Academy as the interwoven point is beginning!
And your decision will change the destiny of everyone


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Traditional Chinese
Last Updated on 2020-06-24
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