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The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region


谷歌商城和App Store(非大陆区)是正式版。

点击官网下载指向google play商城的正式版下载页面
苹果手机正式版可以直接打开app store商城下载


《Kingdom of force》(简称KOF)是一款魔幻背景的即时战略游戏,的以调遣兵力占领城市为基础玩法,结合了资源采集、建造、升级、塔防等要素。





This is a demo version. Please click the following link to download the full version:

No Ads, no internal purchase, complete game experience.
In the 3D world, there are enemies, allies and boss.
Customs clearance game time as long as 8 hours.
New special price, as long as$ zero point nine nine , one time payment, permanent play.
In addition, you will get new game content unlocked one after another free of charge.
Free updates, 70% of the game pack's new content.
With the unlocking of new content, the price of the game will also increase positively according to the content and scale.
We solemnly promise: buy as early as possible and enjoy as early as possible. If you buy late, there will be no discount!
Every penny you pay will not depreciate with time!

Thank you very much for clicking to see our game
The game was originally developed by 4 people in the studio,
We want to make a different strategy game,
Development process twists and turns, team members have also changed a lot
Even so, we still present the game in a complete form.

At present, the game has completed the production of the first version of the level mode. We have more ideas and have more ways to play in our mind. such as random map, PVP, and even a map editor! These will be updated in later versions, but we need more support form you. In addition, the new content will not be charged!
Now the game has opened the limited time discount. With the continuous update of the game content, the game price will gradually return to the original price. The earlier you buy, the more money you save! Thank you for your support!

Bug feedback email:elwin_luo@hotmail.com

Short description:
KOF is a magic background real-time strategy game, which is based on the method of dispatching troops to occupy the city, and combines the elements of resource collection, construction, upgrading, tower defense and so on.
Full description:
[story mode and challenge mode]
The game has now opened three chapters, corresponding to the Human race, the Dragon race and the Naga race. Each race has a different story, and each chapter has 10 sections. The game is divided into story mode and challenge mode. After completing the story mode, you can also challenge the challenge mode and get more rewards. We will continue to update more races and levels!
Race and talent
Different races have their own racial skills, strong shields and sharp spears! Each race has its own talent system. Each race has 25 talent skills that you can customize. As the game progresses, you can gain talent points and strengthen your own troops!
[control resources]
You can build logging field, farmland and barracks to obtain timber, grain and soldiers. Timber is used for building and upgrading, grain is used for producing soldiers, and barracks are used for training soldiers. Therefore, players need to weigh each other among these three kinds of buildings and resources to achieve the optimal strategy.
[dispatch troops]
Send the trained soldiers from your city to the enemy's city. You should consider how to send the appropriate number of soldiers to the appropriate battlefield! Destroy the enemy and occupy their cities, and seize their resources!


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