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The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region


【Recommended Specs:】
RAM>3GB,System>Android 9.0

Critically-acclaimed PC 3D simulation game has now arrived on mobile! Inherit your Pa's workshop and restore the glory of human civilization on unfamiliar land. In the process of gradually maturing into a seasoned Builder, form bonds with the townsfolk and understand the buried truth of this post-apocalyptic world.

【Game Features】
- Enjoy the fun of building and operating a 3D workshop
Gather materials from every corner of the map and experience the joys of progressing and transforming from manual labor to full automation. As the new builder in town, take up new responsibilities and contribute to the town of Portia and its people by honing your craftsmanship. From a basic sewing machine to a high-tech flying seat, you must build everything with your own hands. If you wish to develop animal husbandry, you can even call an alpaca your own!

- Become friends... or fall in love with fellow Portians
The town of Portia has over 50 interactable NPCs. Develop and deepen your relationships with them, and they may provide you with unexpected help. You can swing or ride a hot air balloon with your favorite NPC to improve your relationship. When everything falls into place, you can tie the knot, have children, and experience the hard work of parenthood.

- Engage in challenging battles and embark on adventures
Hone your fighting skills, defeat terrifying monsters in the post-apocalyptic ruins, and unearth the truth of the former world buried beneath

- 100% original PC porting
Explore the entirety of Portia on your phone! All the PC game elements are kept, and your phone is now your mobile workshop!

Special optimizations for the mobile game:
Customized brand new UI and UX for the mobile platform.
- "Auto-save" function on top of the original archiving mechanism.
- "Item Tracking System" to simplify the resource gathering process.
- In-game "Achievement System" with corresponding achievement rewards once unlocked.
- "Completion Certificate" system to record the wonderful time the players enjoy in Portia.
- "Item Filtering" function and an "Open All" function in mailbox to save time.
- "Quick Assembly" function on top of the original "Assembly System's" functions, which allows Builders to quickly assemble items by approaching the target of assembly and tapping the corresponding parts.


Publisher Pixmain
Developer Pathea Games
供应商 深圳像素之洲科技有限公司
统一社会信用代码 91440300MA5EE6K17Y
Pixmain server
English and 3 more
Last Updated on 2022-01-28
Network Connection Not Required
System Requirements Android 9.0 +