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Cat Farm

Cat Farm

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Screenshot of Cat Farm
Screenshot of Cat Farm
Screenshot of Cat Farm
Screenshot of Cat Farm
Screenshot of Cat Farm


【Keeping away the noisy from city,without trouble of social interaction,enjoying your holiday in Cat Farm】
Antonio leave the city,came to country to take over a farm from her grandma.
When Antonio took over the farm at first,she was almost confused.
But she found a cute catty in the farm.
The cat has a soft bely,clingy baby voice and flully tail.
Antonio made a decide:
She will spend time on enjoying life with cats!

However, to Antonio's suprise,Cat farm meets more pets~

Antonio finds a poor doggy in raining.
Dogs join in the Cat farm.
Small chihuahua,Smart border collie and Smiling angel Samoyed beckoning to you.

Antonio gets a lovely rabbit from a kind elder woman.
Rabbits join in the Cat farm.
Long-haired Angora rabbits, petite Dwarf rabbits, and Begonia rabbits with their own eyeliner, this is a sea of fluffy!

Cat farm becomes a great playground of pets.

Playing with pets,enjoying your life.

♥【pets falingl in love,getting random baby】♥
Over hundred animals waiting for you,let pets fall in love,and get the new baby!

♥【Growing up,dressing up】♥
Accompanying pets grow up,and you can dress them up with beatiful clothes,playing with them!

♥【Picking fruits and farming,Fishing and feeding chicken】♥
You could learn how to make dishes for pets!

♥【traveling and getting surprise!】♥
Not only you can get more special pets,but also meet many suprise plot~

A hunk who dotes on cats,a kind elder woman,a cute and odd girl......There are a large of plot for you.you.




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