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Journey Of Abyss

Journey Of Abyss

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Screenshot of Journey Of Abyss
Screenshot of Journey Of Abyss
Screenshot of Journey Of Abyss
Screenshot of Journey Of Abyss
Screenshot of Journey Of Abyss
Screenshot of Journey Of Abyss


A teenager who wants to save his mate, with the help of a crazy old man, passes through a forest surrounded by mists, saves the town where all the living people have been replaced by mysterious bugs, and embarks on a ship full of bizarre dreams of souls... However, as the journey progresses, the boy gradually finds that all the disasters seem to be related to himself. Even his identity as a "human" becomes a mystery.

- Telling a good and deep story
Players can freely make choices in the plot and collect mini-movie like [memory fragments]. Like walking with a torch into a wilderness full of fog. Through the clues they collect, to understand the whole world's story, to experience the protagonist, and other characters of different lives and stories.
Depending on the player's choice, the story will also take a different course of development, leading to a different ending.

- Innovative improvements to the traditional CCG battle mode
Based on the energy limit hand, we introduced the concept of card array. The order in which some cards are placed in the card array will produce a special [card array effect]. Players now have to consider not only the order in which they play, but also which [tethered deck] of cards in the array has a bonus effect.
In the future, we will introduce more decks and professions around the concept of [card array effect], in order to open up more ways to play.

- Roguelike and randomness to enhance players' playing experience
Except for the story mode, all other modes adopt different random Roguelike rules. All paths, events and enemies are generated according to different random rules. Each failed challenge can only be started again from the beginning, striving to give players a different adventure experience each time.
Between different modes, there are more special events and random rules. For example, powerful special cards will appear in the [Secret Mode] which changes every week.


* This is a paid game.


Version 0.20.28 2021-11-22
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Publisher Ohayoo
Developer LinkJoy
供应商 北京比特漫步科技有限公司
统一社会信用代码 91110108MA0190B4XY
In-app Purchases Yes
Simplified Chinese
Current Version 0.20.28
Size 145 MB
Last Updated on 2021-11-22
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System Requirements No System Requirements
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