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Screenshot of Unheard
Screenshot of Unheard
Screenshot of Unheard
Screenshot of Unheard
Screenshot of Unheard
Screenshot of Unheard


Put on your headphones and step back into the past. Use the voices you hear to return to crime scenes, tracking down each individual involved and solving the cases. But where do the voices come from? Can you trust what you hear? And what's the mysterious thread weaving all of these cases together?
A Unique Case-Solving Experience
Discover the truth hidden in the voices from the past.

Step through time as you use our device to eavesdrop on conversations from past crime scenes. Every clue, every move, and every motive will be presented in the form of audio. Rather than controlling any one character, you only need listen to their conversations, following along as the story evolves. Use the information you hear to match names to voices and determine how everything (and everyone) is related. Can you discover the truth?
Open-Ended Narrative Mystery Game
Explore the story and piece together the puzzle in your own way!

Don't expect to be "fed" a pile of clues. Rather, take the role of a fly on the wall, observing and listening to the events as they unfold. Anyone could be the culprit; key clues may be revealed at any second; any character's storyline may cross paths with another at any point in time. YOU be the editor—the order of the story is up to you!

Tributes To:

Detective Fiction: In Unheard, all the clues in a case will be presented to players. There's no hidden information, nor rooms that require a key to enter. Players will be privy to the same information as everyone present at the crime scenes.

Immersive Theater: All characters in Unheard have their own storylines; however, each of these storylines will become interwoven in the same space, and at the same time, resulting in complicated cases that force you to meticulously search for and track clues. You can choose to follow one character or move around between multiple characters. You can also replay the audio as many times as you want until you reach a conclusion.

Radio Drama: Unheard is, in a way, an interactive radio drama. By combining aural narrative techniques with the type of exploration elements present in video games, Unheard offers a brand-new, non-linear radio drama experience.

Special Thanks:
Special thanks to our voice actors and directors in both China and the U.S. Thank you for your continued hard work and support.



我是《疑案追声》的制作人张哲川,也是《双子》的制作人之一。感谢TapTap的小伙伴之前对《双子》的支持,你们的评论常常让我看了也为之感动。而这一次,我代表的是《疑案追声》核心团队,来自于NEXT Studios的一个五人小组,为你们呈现一款不太一样的作品。

这个“不一样”不仅仅是对玩家,对我们来说也是如此。我们的目标,是想营造一种不一样的叙事体验。但“不一样”也意味着“不确定”,整个制作流程,从剧本到配音,对我们都是全新的挑战。我们努力将《疑案追声》打造成兼具解谜推理与叙事乐趣的作品,也希望玩家们能够包容我们的不成熟, 给予我们更多的空间。因为我们相信,《疑案追声》的潜力可能不只是一款游戏,它有可能成为一种全新的体验故事的方式。在你们的支持下,未来有希望听到许多更加丰富多彩的故事用这样的方式来表达,而不仅仅是侦探故事。


最后还要感谢NEXT Studios给我们这样一个机会,去突破游戏的边界,任性地尝试自己想做的东西,并且为我们提供全方位的支持

希望大家能够喜欢《疑案追声》, 也希望它能成为你们的一次印象深刻的体验。


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