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Screenshot of Hanger Fighter 2
Screenshot of Hanger Fighter 2
Screenshot of Hanger Fighter 2


2D vertical scrolling Shoot'em Up(STG) has been one of the most classic genres in gaming history, wildly popular in the 80's and 90's, the genre gradually faded from public view with the passage of time.
Welcome to Hanger Fighter 2. With a level design not unlike in the early 90's, composed of a wide variety of carefully crafted stages, cleverly placed obstacles and well-thought enemies reminiscent of the NES era from your childhood, this is a retro-styled vertical scrolling STG made by the nostalgic for the nostalgic.
In-game music and sound effects also have the same retro flavor in mind. Not only is there a deluge of background music available, the music selection changes with different difficulty levels. It may well be that you have never seen a mobile STG game with such abundant selection of soundtracks.
That being said, this is not just a bundle of old ideas soaked in nostalgia, times have indeed changed, and we've made some changes as well:
-Play for FUN: STG had always been about weaving through bullet storms and surviving by a hair's breadth, though often accompanied by side-effects such as bursts of rage and a few broken controllers. Fear not! Hanger Fighter 2 is made for fun and is designed to be quite the accessible experience in general.
-RPG-like leveling experience: Become more powerful as you advance in level to take on new challenges. Can't clear a stage? Come back again after you've gained some extra levels!
-Acquire new fighters: Spend in-game currency to randomly acquire new fighters of different ranks to aid you in your battles!
-New core mechanics: Absorb items to transform in to more powerful forms like in our first Hanger Fighter but with a brand new twist! Our fighters now have 4 different types: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue; and you can edit your selection before starting each stage and find the combo that suits you best! (Hopefully) This will be a fun mechanic you've never experienced before.
-New level design: Watch out for dangerous terrain and menacing bosses with a variety of different mechanics; you'll find it's no longer just about dodging bullets, reflexes and memorizing patterns are no longer your only way out; explore and exploit enemy mechanics to defeat them with ease, find effective strategies to win!
-Two ways to play: In our Stage Selection mode, enjoy the pleasure of bite-sized stages, each taking around 2 minutes to complete. In Arcade mode, challenge yourself to the classic arcade experience and battle from start to finish.


Hello everyone, we are here again.This game was developed by 4 Developer,In fact, this game has been developed. For a year.
Today we have prepared the game and plan to test it at 2 pm on April 11.The game is a Single player game, cloud save is not supported, delete games will delete save data.
The game is online for the first time,there may be some bugs, and I hope to understand.


Version 1.4.1 2020-10-26
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1. world 7, new fighter
2. Add 7-day sign-in reward aircraft
3. Improve the attack power of yellow fighters and red fighters
4. Reduce the attack power of the blue fighter
5. The difficulty of the abyss mode is improved in the early stage
6. The hanger switching time is reduced to 2 seconds.
7. Performance optimization
8. Cancel the level mandatory power requirement


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Current Version 1.4.1
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Last Updated on 2020-10-26
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System Requirements Android 4.1 +
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