Ghost GO: Ghost Detector Game游戏截图
Ghost GO: Ghost Detector Game

Ghost GO: Ghost Detector Game



简介They can see you. Ghosts and spirits, wayward souls, could you believe they are living in our world? Only a special Ghost radar mode with paranormal activity vr detector for searching creepy ghosts and hunting spirits will help you to see them. Ghost and spirit finder with camera is a necessary attribute of a real Demon hunter. Use the ghost tracker and spirit finder with camera to catch ghosts and spirits. Open the curtain to the other world, become a demon hunter or a ghost hunter, using one of the greatest paranormal apps - Ghost GO: Ghost Detector Game. Scary games begun, now you can find and see all the spirits and become a real ghost catcher! If your are a fan of ghost scary stories, abandoned mysterious places and creepy spirits, this ghost communicator app will bring you a lot of emotions. Will it be scary though? Duh, it will be. Choose a mode of your Ghost paranormal radar and scanner: ○ ANIMAL hunter ○ DEMON hunter ○ GHOSTS and creepy SPIRITS hunter Try the paranormal activity vr detector, but don't be too scared. With the help of this ghost communicator and tracker you can become the part of their world as they are the part of yours. Remember, you a the real ghost finder, so you must be brave and willing for an adventure. So use your camera and the ghost scanner, find your way through darkness and be ready to become an observer of paranormal activity and hunt the ghosts. Ghost GO: Ghost Detector Game offers you: ○ Catch ghosts and spirits COUNTER – start your ghost hunting adventure! ○ Mysterious GHOST COMMUNICATOR to see various ghosts and spirits and hunt them all ○ Perfect SCARY PRANKS app – frighten your friends with spirit monsters! ○ DIFFERENT types of creepy CREATURES – discover who was trapped in our world with this tracker Everyone has heard scary stories about ghosts and different creepy spirits. Now, with this ghost scanner & spirit radar you can find them by yourself and have your own ghost hunting adventure. This is app gives you a chance to feel what it's like to be an observer of paranormal activity, find some real ghosts and hunt them like a spirits’ catcher. The new ghost radar is more than a usual ghost detector: you can scan spirit monsters, shoot ghosts and spirits on your way. Tap the ghost detector to look around and search for creatures. Have fun with an exciting twist of paranormal apps, scary pranks and scary games in your device - Ghost GO: Ghost Detector Game!