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Screenshot of Phigros
Screenshot of Phigros
Screenshot of Phigros
Screenshot of Phigros
Screenshot of Phigros


Pigeon Games is initiated from a video on bilibili.com, and consists of many rhythm game fanatics that devoted time and efforts to Phigros without getting paid. We sincerely hope that the innovative game mode, along with well-crafted illustrations as well as charts, can satisfy your fingers and let you feel the charm of rhythm games!

Game Description

Innovative Gameplay

4 types of notes that fall literally everywhere, spiced with dynamic judgement lines, this game promises a rhythm game experience unlike ever before.

Handpicked Songs

26 high-quality soundtracks from all genres by well-known producers, offering a grand feast of music.

Curated Illustrations

Designed by our own Art Team, the one-of-a-kind illustrations are here to fit the songs as well as gameplay.

Companies Collaborated

Pigeon Games' cooperation with SOUL NOTES RECORDS allow us to include a set of five top-notch Chinese EDMs in our game - named [Soul Notes Collection] - awaiting your fingertips!


Version 2.4.4 2022-11-20
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Two new singles
•「El Condor Pasa (Phigros Edit)」by Plastic Fruits
•「Break Over」by K-forest


Provider 鸽游
供应商 厦门鸽游网络有限公司
统一社会信用代码 91350200MA33Q7MM60
Official Website Official Website
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Current Version 2.4.4
Size 1.14 GB
Last Updated on 2022-11-20
Network Connection Not Required
System Requirements Android 4.4 +
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