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Endless Galaxy

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Screenshot of Endless Galaxy
Screenshot of Endless Galaxy
Screenshot of Endless Galaxy
Screenshot of Endless Galaxy
Screenshot of Endless Galaxy
Screenshot of Endless Galaxy


Between the stars and the stars, there is endless darkness. The dust of light that occasionally rises is the embers of war.

- You will be in a galaxy of hundreds of stable galaxies (200 are currently open).
- The player's legions can claim sovereignty over the galaxy. Connecting multiple sovereigns with wormholes can drastically reduce the time it takes fleets to cross galaxies.
- Building strong space bases is the foundation of development, and independent, multi-dimensionally assembled ships make up an expeditionary fleet.
- The process of mass assembly battles will be realistically simulated (rather than fought in a queue), so finding like-minded allies and forming armies is the only way to fight for sovereignty.
- In Scenario mode, you can also command a fleet on the battlefield (although this is not easy). You'll be able to move ships around, lock up enemies, and even unleash powerful overloads of weapons to take down your enemies.
- After the supreme galactic sovereignty has been taken over... and that's just the beginning, there are countless similar galaxies in the universe. With the ability to navigate across the galaxy, Titan technology brings you face to face with a much larger universe.

- In the year 320 of the Imperial Era, the Sixth Emperor of Etranger assumed the throne, and in the same year the Free Council declared independence from Imperial rule and established the Florentine Democratic Federation.
- In 322, the Empire launched an attack on the Voyager Stargate, the main jumping point into the Federation's Pegasus Domain, and the Battle of the Voyager Stargate ended in defeat.
- In the same year, the imperial command initiated a project named "Black Shadow Project". In 342 A.D., the "Black Shadow Fleet" invaded the Voyager star system, the planet Glarina, the only non-military planet in the system, was attacked and the defense fleet was wiped out, a small number of inhabitants and ground staff fled the system. That same year, the Empire occupied the Voyager system and stopped its offensive plans for unknown reasons.
- The story takes place 8 years after the occupation of Glarina.


* Chinese Indentity Verification is necessary. Guest Account could only play for 60 minutes.
* Language: Simplified Chinese

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