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Mole's World

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Screenshot of Mole's World
Screenshot of Mole's World
Screenshot of Mole's World
Screenshot of Mole's World
Screenshot of Mole's World


Mole's World is a classic 3D community nurturing handheld game developed by Amoy Network and published by Thunder Games, the reservation for the whole platform has been opened, and the game is expected to be online before Spring Festival 2021!

Mole's World is a game that carries many 95, 00 childhood happiness and dreams, so we expect to make the handheld version into a casual community that integrates nostalgia, puzzle, nurturing, socialization and plot, and uses new 3D graphics to recreate the world of Mole.

Game features
= Immersive - classic scenes 3D restoration =
Mole's World has been upgraded to a large 3D world, presenting classic scenes such as Moor Castle, Moor Laya Snow Mountain, Amoy Street and Love Square in a more three-dimensional and realistic image. In Mole's World, you can make various behaviors in different terrains, walking, swimming, snow mountain cable car, trampoline and so on, enjoying different terrain interactive fun.

= Desired life - three or two friends idyllic pastoral =
Leisurely manor life, release the pressure of life. In the game, each little moor can have a piece of their own farm, and the farm will be made to look like they want, every day to raise flowers and vegetables, feed the animals, enjoy the fun of management. The newly created neighbor system and social gameplay allow players to meet more friends, interact, organize activities and parties, adding surprise and joy to life.

= Lovable love - rich appearance Free match =
In the manor, we have prepared a very rich and lovely fashion and furniture, you can buy and match your own dress and home according to your own taste and preference, the newly added neighbors and community system can give the opportunity for the social little Moors to decorate an exclusive area together.

= Labor is the most glorious - SMC system perfect transplant =
Mole's World SMC career test will be held again! Experience the original SMC career play, free to play the role of farmers, chefs, guides and so on, in the estate to learn, work, experience different professional feelings. We will also develop more interesting professions for you to join!

= Easy socializing - small town neighbors, house parties =
Live simply and happily with the cutest people. In the handheld version, new neighbors and town play will be added, so you can live together in the manor, party together, decorate the common area belonging to everyone, and let your town gradually prosper!


Mole's World is officially released. (iOS/Android)
* Language: Simplified Chinese
* Guest accoount could experience the game for 1 hour per 15 days.


Version 1.1.22100801S 2022-10-12
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全新场景 寻宝探险
集市交易 多样玩法
可爱画风 丰富装扮
霜叶簌簌 丹枫迎秋


Publisher 雷霆游戏
供应商 深圳雷霆信息技术有限公司
统一社会信用代码 91440300MA5DN7Y095
Official Website Official Website
摩尔庄园手游官方16群 1020035474
In-app Purchases Yes
Simplified Chinese
Current Version 1.1.22100801S
Size 1.88 GB
Last Updated on 2022-10-12
Network Connection Required
System Requirements Android 4.3 +
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