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Bargain Bonsai

Bargain Bonsai

The game is not available in this country/region
The game is not available in this country/region


Bargain Bonsai, the first and cheapest stop for all of your bonsai trimming needs!

As the owner of Bargain Bonsai, it is your job to serve as many patrons as possible while maintaining maximal customer satisfaction - so don't %^&# up the precious bonsai trees!

If 3 customers leave unhappy, the rest will lose faith in your less-than-honed bonsai maintenance abilities, and will leave.

How many customers can you serve in a day?

How to play:
-The customer will tell you the shape they want their tree in, trace your finger around their shape to cut out the tree
-You will receive between 0 and 3 stars depending on how happy the customer is
-If you mess up 3 times, the business day will end and customers will leave
-The objective is to get as many stars as possible in a single day

Good luck!


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Last Updated on 2016-10-10