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Rise of the King (Test)

Rise of the King (Test)

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Screenshot of Rise of the King (Test)
Screenshot of Rise of the King (Test)
Screenshot of Rise of the King (Test)
Screenshot of Rise of the King (Test)
Screenshot of Rise of the King (Test)


Rise of the King (Test) is a heavily plot oriented 'hardcore' galgame that has already written a million words and will be going live with some content for players to see in the near future.

While this is the second entry in the series, it's also brand new, with little to no barrier to entry for new players and familiar characters for veteran players to find.

In the first entry, Ace, who has lost his memories, wakes up and learns about his origins as he continues to befriend companions and fight, and eventually defeats the goddess who represents evil.

In this work, the player remains in the role of the protagonist, Ace (the name is interchangeable). After unwittingly rescuing the damsel in distress, Rita, who claims to be Aes' sister, Aes finally decides to help Rita regain her throne after a series of events, and sets out on a journey to the Land of the Brave, Rothenia.

Here, he will travel through various countries with different cultures, get to know various G.One and beautiful maidens, and rely on the bonds between them to fight against the attacks from the Demon Apostle. What is the true identity of the Devil's Apostle? Is Litan really Ace's sister? And what is the inextricable link between Ace and the land of Rothenia?Rise of the King (Test) has a brand new continent, a broader adventure section, and more interactive scenarios for young girls.

In addition to the story being written by the original scriptwriter, the gameplay will also inherit the first part's "abandon the kryptonite card draw and brainless map pushing" model. Not only will strategic battles be integrated into the story, but also new designs will be added to the weapon types, skill effects, etc., along with more beautiful CG and vertical paintings, and Japanese RPG music, to bring players a better playing experience!




Version 2020-07-08
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1、 主线新章节【精灵城邦】开放;
2、 支线版块【叛逃的精灵】【库鲁库鲁再临】开放;
3、 阿尔忒弥亚、库鲁达开放1.0相关好感剧情;
4、 甜品屋新增「打工」功能;
5、 居所新增「船票」功能。


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