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Screenshot of 格莉斯的旅程
Screenshot of 格莉斯的旅程
Screenshot of 格莉斯的旅程
Screenshot of 格莉斯的旅程
Screenshot of 格莉斯的旅程





我们是Nomada Studio,在这里我们要怀着激动的心情向大家宣布:《GRIS》的中文版——《格莉斯的旅程》终于迎来了和中国玩家的初次见面!



关于游戏开发,最令人震惊的一件事就是,我们团队的大部分人其实之前没有过任何游戏开发经验!在我们团队里,只有3个人曾参与过游戏开发,其他15个人完全没有任何相关的经验,《格莉斯的旅程》是他们参与开发的第一款游戏,而且有些人甚至从未玩过游戏! 尽管过程中遇到过诸多困难,但最后还是圆满地把《格莉斯的旅程》带到了大家的面前。这大概就是热爱的力量吧。



Hello there! We are Nomada Studio and we're thrilled to announce that Chinese players will be able to play GRIS soon!

Motivation or inspiration for designing the game
After a long time working for big video game publishers, we wanted to do something smaller and more personal. Our idea was to make a game that felt more intimate, fun while still being accessible to all kinds of players and with an art style rarely seen on video games. We put a lot of effort on delivering a polished game where art, animation and music go hand in hand to deliver a unique and memorable experience.

Stories during the game development or anything fun to share with Chinese players
One of the striking things about GRIS development is that most of the people never worked on video games before! Three of us had previous experience in game development, but for the rest of the team, around 15 people, it was their first game ever, and some of them didn't even play games! We had a very diverse team with graphic designers, architects, illustrators, students... and although we think that was very beneficial for both the team and the project, there was a big risk that things could've gone wrong! (Devolver didn't know about this while the game was being developed...)

We've been working together with Tencent to make this possible and we can't wait for all of you to enjoy it.


Version 10.0.2 2022-10-14
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