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The Gourmet Chef

The Gourmet Chef

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Screenshot of The Gourmet Chef
Screenshot of The Gourmet Chef
Screenshot of The Gourmet Chef
Screenshot of The Gourmet Chef
Screenshot of The Gourmet Chef
Screenshot of The Gourmet Chef


Want to learn the secrets of the kitchen? Come make a reservation for the Food Pawn! According to the customer's order, click on the ingredients in order to make the food, and when the food is finished, click on the finished product to complete the customer's order.

The Gourmet Chef allows you to experience the fun of cooking and time management in the kitchen, learn about global cuisine, and grow into a top chef who is crazy about food.

How do you go from a novice chef to a top chef at a Michelin restaurant? At The Gourmet Chef, all you have to do is swipe your finger! Take over the pancake stand you inherited from your grandfather and start your culinary journey by making delicious, grounded breakfast pancakes! Make mouth-watering seafood grills, delicious dessert cakes, and a variety of delicacies, each restaurant has new ways to play with the new menu, so you can enjoy all the flavors of the world at once!

- Your goal.
Serve customers quickly and deliver more dishes
Maintain customer satisfaction and reap the benefits of customer praise
Go all out to earn more coins, upgrade and build a top-notch restaurant!
Unlock new restaurants and embark on new culinary journeys!

- Your challenge.
Manage time and serving order effectively at peak times
Create more combos to serve for extra coin rewards
Upgrade your cookware to produce more food faster and more often
Upgrade ingredients to create more coins
Use a variety of props to help level objectives
Complete quests and achievements and earn great rewards!

Come download the free Gourmet Little Boss and start your cooking journey with unlimited fun!

Hope you enjoyed your food tour!


Version 1.69.0 2022-11-25
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- 新增每日占卜玩法,每天都来预测一下当天的幸运指数吧!
- 在古老的占卜屋中选择你的命运,赢取占卜赛季专属丰厚奖励!
- 购买美食金券,赢取神秘的占卜师顾客,把好运带回你的餐厅!
- 参加活动,还有机会获得赛季专属动态头像及海量道具奖励,福利多多!

- 冬季历史热卖服装限时返场,曾经的美丽再次降临,这次不要再错过了哦!
- 双12服装券大返利,全部档位时装券首购额外赠送50%,超高返利,开启冬日购物狂欢!

- 优化游戏性能及部分界面逻辑,让您轻松烹饪,更好地享受美食带来的乐趣!



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