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Seven Sphere

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Screenshot of Seven Sphere
Screenshot of Seven Sphere
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game introduction
Transcend the road of fate and cut the cycle of fate! The disaster came, the world collapsed, and you, saved by the mysterious yellow-clothed girl, learned that you were the true emperor selected in the legend and prophecy, and you who were sent to the seven-star realm will become the leader of the transcendent girls and start to be thrilling. Adventure to save the world from catastrophe.

Game features:
1. With numerous historical and mythological characters, create your own strongest beautiful girl fantasy team.
Exquisite paintings made by well-known painters, each character has been carefully crafted, full of characters, with their own unique skills and attributes, 4 different skills, exclusive equipment, exclusive cards and 3 stages of painting Morphological evolution.

2. Free teams and battle formations are matched, full of strategic challenges and fun, strategizing and defeating the enemy to win.
The character's attributes, stance layout, and position configuration all have a mutual restraint relationship. According to the enemy's layout and attributes, he arranges his own layout to exercise restraint. It is also full of tactics under the gorgeous battle system.

3. Choose your character battle spirit and match it with a unique battle team.
The battle spirit card can be equipped with other characters to obtain the special ability of that character, collect more battle spirit cards, use the battle spirit card to stimulate the potential of the character and try countless kinds of battle spirit matches, and the fun of fighting and collecting is doubled.

4. In-depth and complete plot experience, the purest two-dimensional adventure experience.
Create a magnificent fantasy world view by the Japanese two-dimensional animation screenwriter. In the plot mode, the player will play an epic adventure with the savior of the world, the true emperor, and many beautiful girls.

5. Numerous super first-line voice actors present their voices, a double-sense feast for two-dimensional players.
[Seven Stars] Invited super first-line voice actors such as Hanazawa Coriander, Kugimiya Rie, Mimori Suzuko, Yukibi, Mizuase Qi, Ohara Yoshimi, etc. to serve as the main characters for the dubbing. Follow-up updates will have more star voice actors gradually joining. Create an all-star feast for the two-dimensional players.

6. Fine two-dimensional horizontal battle, awakening the strongest force.
The ultimate two-dimensional battle performance that pays attention to the details of the characters, unlocks the awakening power of the characters and releases the killer blow that determines the battle!

7. Become a true emperor and save the world.
As the savior chosen by the world, you can also assist your partners to join the battle together, experience hardships, and grow together. As the game deepens, the direction of the world's destiny will be in your hands.





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