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Screenshot of Twirdora
Screenshot of Twirdora
Screenshot of Twirdora
Screenshot of Twirdora
Screenshot of Twirdora
Screenshot of Twirdora
Screenshot of Twirdora
Screenshot of Twirdora


Unique gameplay, high-quality song library, delicate illustrations, and rich plotlines — Get an unforgettable experience in our completely free rhythm game Twirdora.

>>> Brand new expressive gameplay
Tap, hold, and rotate, operate with the hexagon-shaped plate in the middle of screen and the two arc sliders beside it. Enjoy your performance through the weaving and rotating of notes.

>>> Charts that considers all-level players
We've prepared a wide range of charts with various difficulties for players to choose freely. Whether you're a new rhythm game player or a master of other rhythm games, you will find your needs fulfilled here in Twirdora.

>>> High quality tracks in varied genres
BilliumMoto, かめりあ (Camellia), Cosmograph (Lunatic Sounds), 黒皇帝 (Kurokotei), MYUKKE., Zris, and more... Twirdora has included many high quality tracks in varied genres produced by great artists from around the world, and there will be more as new versions come.

>>> Carefully designed gameplay system
We have prepared for players who love to collect bonuses and improve themselves fun and challenging gameplay systems like "The Dark Market", "Astrip Exchange" and "Fairyland Exploration", which will be improved, and more will be added in the future. Enjoy!

>>> Delicately created artworks
· Covers and posters that correspond to the tracks
· UI design that matches the plot theme
· Story illustrations and scenes with varied styles
(*Some contents are still WIP and is not yet in the game)

>>> And — free to play!
That's right! All gaming contents in Twirdora are totally free to play, without any distraction of in-game purchases and ads.


>>> About us
Pandox Project, the development team of Twirdora, was formed by players who love rhythm games. As a completely free, non-profit, indie game development team, we hope to bring the fun and concepts of rhythm games to everyone who enjoys music, art, storytelling and video games in a compelling way.

>>> Follow us
@Twirdora (Game News & Info)
@PandoxProject (Staff)

@Twirdora (Game News & Info)
@PandoxProject (Staff)

Support & Inquiries: support@pandoxproject.cn
Contact & Submissions: contact@pandoxproject.cn
Careers & Collaborations: careers@pandoxproject.cn


《Twirdora》Early Access 现已发布!我们将持续收集您的意见和建议,在此后的更新中让《Twirdora》的品质逐步提升。
有关《Twirdora》的最新开发进展和更多相关情报,请持续关注论坛页,以及我们的哔哩哔哩官方账号:@Twirdora 。


Version 1.0.12 2022-11-22
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New Contents
- Song: "Burn" by NceS

Fixes & Improvements
- Bugs fixed.


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Current Version 1.0.12
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Last Updated on 2022-11-22
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