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Screenshot of  Slash & Girl
Screenshot of  Slash & Girl
Screenshot of  Slash & Girl
Screenshot of  Slash & Girl
Screenshot of  Slash & Girl
Screenshot of  Slash & Girl
Screenshot of  Slash & Girl


n a world which is invaded and controlled by Jokers, the story begins with a ‘maniac’ girl called Doris who fight alone with Jokers. She is not trying to be a saviour, she has no interest to others, yet only running and fighting can bring her happiness and pleasure.

1. Be an adventurer! Defeat the Jokers and get to the end!
This is not only an parkour game, you can also call us action game! Beat all the enemies you met! Nothing can stop you and nothing is unbreakable!
Vivid immersion of fighting and extreme smooth is what we want you to experience!
In here, everything is about collision of power and art!

2.Speed and furious!
Getting bored easily in parkour game? Dash through it! Slash down and Speed up! Feel the control of the highest speed! In the unique Fever Mode, you will experience an alternative war in classical music , completely impressive in the contrast.
Other than battle and blade, there will also be a teddy bear waiting for you at each check point!

3.Dress up!
Dress Doris up! We designed various suits and weapons which allows you to match them to your own taste. Share them through social media!

A war between Doris and Jokers is beginning!
Are you ready for this?

Any question: SlashandGirl@outlook.com
Follow us: https://www.facebook.com/Slash-Girl-Joker-World-109054793855847/


Version 1.99.9306 2022-11-29
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Hello everyone:
It's Doris Radio broadcasting for you
Now I will introduce the long-awaited version of " Strauss "

1. Added "Nas Factory" gameplay and and added the "tech target".

On the season of Halloween, the fallen angel "Strauss" led a large number of hell creatures to the planet Hope to hunt down the "Kuro" and "Roku" sisters. Mr. Brown recalled his family brother "Nas" to help Doris create the "Nas Factory" to jointly resist the invasion of mysterious forces!
(1) Players need to follow the arrows indicated by the ‘tech target’ and swipe to the corresponding direction to get reward materials for upgrading the technology of Nas Factory.
(2) The rewards players get in the battlefield can be used for the technological development of Nas Factory.

2. Added Halloween holiday limited suit - Fallen Angel Strauss

Wake up from the dark, travel through midnight, dissipate at sunrise. Miss Strauss, who is obsessed with her work, wears a red suit and collects the fugitives from hell living in the world. As for why, as a fallen angel, she still retains the crown? Miss Strauss never answered this question. Her identity has always been a mystery.

3. Added Halloween limited weapon "Cain"

The battle axe, which has been bathed in the blood of the devil, is now blessed by the unique Hope technology. Now held by fallen angels.
"Dear twins, it's your honor to be captured by me, don't run around, after all, the result is the same wherever you go!" Miss Strauss turned her back, sorted out her delicate suit, and lightly picked up the tomahawk.

4. ONI suit, Hell Seal return
The accumulative rewards have been updated to ONI Set, Hell Seal Weapon

5. Optimization and BUG improvement

1) UI interface optimization
2) Increases the daily free stone in the Nas Factory Event
3) Optimized resolution adaptation and added adaptation adjustment function
4) "School day" sets and "BunBun" weapons returned to the Super Box
5) Added eyebrow button
6) Added eyebrow cache to the leaderboard player information. You can view the player's eyebrow presets in the leaderboard
7) Optimize the storage method of battery in Nas Factory. It can store up to 4 batteries, and it takes 2 hours to charge each battery
8) Nas Factory added the remaining currency exchange function
9) Changed the APP icon

Hope you all enjoy.


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