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Screenshot of Seven Heroes
Screenshot of Seven Heroes
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2017 TapTap Best Gameplay Nomination

- Light strategy card game with Roguelike to make your relaxing time more interesting!
- An average of 1 to 3 minutes of strategy card battle in one game, testing the player's strategy and calculation skills while playing.
- A great choice for killing time.

On the rich Arnodia continent, a city called Kared is located in the southern part of the continent. This is a world full of magical creatures, and the long-lost demon king Barlow is waking up, and the Kared Mercenary Club "Iylance" recruits powerful & brave heroes from everywhere.

You are the new commander of "Aylans". How to command and use your warriors to obtain the Holy Sword and the Holy Shield to defeat the Devil is the biggest test of the moment!


This is a personal indie game. If you find a bug or have a better opinion, please send an email to youjianggf@qq.com


Version 1.6.5 2017-07-14
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-Fix some bug.


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