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Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light

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Screenshot of Sky: Children of the Light
Screenshot of Sky: Children of the Light
Screenshot of Sky: Children of the Light
Screenshot of Sky: Children of the Light
Screenshot of Sky: Children of the Light


From the creators behind Journey and Flower, comes a peaceful social adventure that is set to warm your hearts - Sky: Children of the Light.

With the stars united, our light was infinite. But darkness came and the stars fell, creating a new home in the clouds. A long time has passed...it is time to bring our lost stars home. Wake up Child of the Light, your adventure begins now.

Experience the enchanting world of Sky, a beautifully-animated kingdom waiting to be explored by you and your loved ones. Spirits and their stories will lead you through their peaceful world and all its 7 realms. Help the star spirits return home - you will need compassion for humanity, timeless wonder, and light within your heart to guide your way.

Meet players in this peaceful, open world MMORPG and team up to uncover the secrets of Sky. Play together and encounter the great wonders that Sky has worldwide. Team up with others to adventure into darker realms, save spirits and uncover ancient treasures. Bring light and positive warmth to everything you touch. Join others from around the world on an adventure that never ends - Sky is an ever-expanding open world with expanding realms and seasonal events.

In Sky, we arrive as the Children of the Light, spreading hope and light through the desolate kingdom to return fallen Stars to their homes in the constellations.


Social Adventure Game:
- Journey through 7 dreamlike realms and uncover the mystery of the stars
- Positive and relaxing MMORPG of timeless wonder
- Explore the world to save spirits in each constellation and set them free
- Epic story adventure of bringing lost stars home
- Meet new characters and unlock unique stories with each new adventure, season and event

Play Together & Create Genuine Human Connections:
- Play with friends to save spirits of the Sky realm
- Adventure with your friends, or meet new friends online from all over the world
- Team up with others to adventure into darker realms, and uncover ancient treasures
- Create new bonds and encounter other friendly players online with charming expressions
- Gift candles of light to share appreciation and grow friendships in every realm

Friendly Open World:
- Join an ever-expanding world with new upcoming attractions, seasonal events and expansions of realms
- This MMORPG is an uplifting social adventure that is set to warm your heart
- Explore the open world solo or with friends to experience the beauty of Sky

Unlock & Level Up the Children of Light:
- Unlock items, like Winged Light, to help you explore the world of Sky
- Level up and express yourself through your character with unique customizations
- Express yourself and customize your hair, clothing color schemes and more

You are filled with a peaceful light young one, share your compassion with humanity.


从启程至重生,悦耳空灵的歌声常伴旅途左右。随着奇妙之旅:欧若拉季 的到来,我们将跟随欧若拉(Aurora Aksnes)的歌声,踏上一场与爱和音乐有关的季节旅程。欧若拉季的先祖们齐聚落日竞技场,伴随着韵律的流转,将最初的感动一一向旅人们讲述。跟随星穹拾捡回忆碎片,当一幕幕故事在天空王国中再次上演,霞谷竞技场也将焕然一新,只为迎接最终的音乐盛会。让我们在动听的旋律中,共赴一场期待已久的相聚!


Version 0.10.1 2022-11-07
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1. 修复了点击星座图中晨岛毕业道具图标以及回绝行者图标会闪退的问题
2. 修复了未经对方同意,自动将已点亮的陌生人加为好友的问题
3. 修复了完成音乐大厅乐谱任务后拾取任务奖励烛火时闪退的问题
4. 修复了旅人们一起使用举蜡烛的多人互动动作时没有光圈出现的问题
7. 当季节结束后,进行的季节蜡烛转化会稍有延迟


Publisher 网易游戏
供应商 杭州网易雷火科技有限公司
统一社会信用代码 913301086858407224
In-app Purchases Yes
Simplified Chinese
Current Version 0.10.1
Size 1.23 GB
Last Updated on 2022-11-07
Network Connection Required
System Requirements Android 8.0 +
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