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Screenshot of MONSTER CHEF
Screenshot of MONSTER CHEF
Screenshot of MONSTER CHEF
Screenshot of MONSTER CHEF
Screenshot of MONSTER CHEF


"My dream is to become the best monster chef in the world!"
"Hahaha, how naive you are!"
"People without dreams might laugh, but I know my dream will take me to infinity and beyond!"

At first look, the world you see may seem to be nothing out of the ordinary. Look beneath the surface however, and you'll find an unimaginable place filled with strange, dangerous, and delicious creatures.

The Society of Dark Cuisine is an ancient and mysterious organization comprised of brave adventurers willing to explore the unexplored and to taste the untasted. With the help of the mystical Sootsoot, they seek out and capture strange monsters in order to farm their divine ingredients.

And what do they do with these ingredients? Cook, of course! Back up above, the Sootsoot sell delicious meals to surface dwellers, raking in as much profit as possible to further expand underground. The Society of Dark Cuisine has operated for centuries, yet no one knows exactly who they are or what their ultimate goal might actually be...

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Email: contact@coconut.is

[Game Features]
**This game will satisfy your curiosity while at the same time leave you feeling like you aren't curious enough!**
Stylish, cute, and humorous (in its own special way).
A mixture of freshly squeezed brains and weirdly imaginative characters.
Incredible recipes created by the one and only Society of Dark Cuisine.
Relaxing yet challenging strategic entertainment.

1. Wacky and wild: Innovate designs for a variety of weird monsters with vivid and imaginative animations. Every monster plays differently!
2. Roguelike: Plenty of content and areas to explore with loads of resources to collect. Every step you take is filled with hidden and unexpected danger. Every map is different!
3. Innovative cooking system: Cook any dish with any recipe you can think of! Combine various ingredients and discover better recipes for each dish!
4. Suspenseful concealed plot: With a rich quest system, each dialog you engage in contains hidden clues. Each player will discover their own story in Monster Chef!




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iOS 3群:702973062
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Version 3.4.0 2022-03-23
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The new version of Monster Chef 3.3 is now on!
The following content is added in this version:
1. Added 2 hunting levels;
2. Added 60 kinds of hunting equipment;
3. New achievements;
4. Fix some bugs.


Publisher 椰岛游戏
Developer OfunaGames
供应商 上海可那信息科技有限公司
统一社会信用代码 91310104554251055E
In-app Purchases Yes
Simplified Chinese and 4 more
Current Version 3.4.0
Size 214 MB
Last Updated on 2022-03-23
Network Connection Required
System Requirements No System Requirements
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