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Screenshot of Askraste
Screenshot of Askraste
Screenshot of Askraste
Screenshot of Askraste
Screenshot of Askraste
Screenshot of Askraste
Screenshot of Askraste


At the end of the 21st century, in order to cope with the "predicament" of population expansion and resource shortage, the "Sky Project" was launched.
The super-giant three-dimensional city rises from the ground and begins to burst into vigor and vitality, continuing people's hope for a better life.
However, behind the hope was a shadow, and rotting moss began to grow under the appearance of prosperity...
Steel constructs a tree-like giant, dividing the sky into countless gaps.
Consortiums that control the city are fiercely competing and working independently;
The inhabitants under the tree canopy endure silently in the darkness and humidity, yearning for the sky.
Everyone is pursuing their desired ending, and the prelude of a new era is about to be kicked off.
The "monster" grows on the sky, and the "ghost" hides in the shadows.
Welcome to your stage-"Askraste (Askraste)"
【Voice File 1】
"The battle just now has been hard, and there will be more and more battles like this in the future. I hope you can maintain the state you are today."
"Thank you for your concern, this machine has not reached the fatigue threshold. At present, you have obtained the junior command level authority, and you will be the administrator of this machine in the future."
"According to the primary authority, you can get the number of your own machine, command operations and other rights."
"The anthropomorphic code name of this machine-▇▇▇"



《临界指令》的灵感有很大一部分来自于两个可能比较冷门的动画《吹泡糖危机》和《A Kite》, 当然也可以简而言之为"赛博朋克"(笑。


大家好,我们是《临界指令》开发组,17.2工作室, 很幸运能在TapTap茫茫多的游戏里与你相遇。

17.2 工作室是由一群喜欢ACG的小伙伴共同创建,其中有资深Otaku,军宅,胶佬,数毛党,作厨,独立游戏鉴赏家,单推弟弟,等等等等。





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