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Transforming Tank 2

Transforming Tank 2

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Screenshot of Transforming Tank 2
Screenshot of Transforming Tank 2
Screenshot of Transforming Tank 2
Screenshot of Transforming Tank 2
Screenshot of Transforming Tank 2
Screenshot of Transforming Tank 2


Hi everyone, I’m Skai, the developer of "Transformed Tank 2". This is a tank shooting game that combines barriers and online battles. The core feature is the game's physics engine and tank deformation skills design. The whole game was developed by me alone. Of course, I said that I didn’t want to develop it by myself and sell it to get everyone’s support and encouragement, but because of the limited personal development energy and forced livelihood, there were indeed some imperfections and unconsciousness in the testing phase. The shortcomings (including matching problems, team bugs, UI design, etc.), I hope everyone can give me more time to deal with them, thank you!

The following are suggestions and feedback posts. If you have any valuable suggestions, you can leave a message under the post:

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The game is based on 3D physics, with real physical collisions and special effects. Tanks can climb hills, climb over obstacles, and can transform coolly and possess skills!

"Transformed Tank 2" adds PVP online battles on the basis of the first generation. It currently has: 3V3 team battles, occupying strongholds, and fighting modes. More new gameplay will be added in the future. PVE mode levels will all be redone. Due to the high difficulty of the first-generation levels, "Transformed Tank 2" will carefully craft PVE levels while optimizing the art.




Version 1.1.48 2022-10-06
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